Walk out with your customers as they set down the check, and be in their pockets when they pick up the menu. The goal is to build apps that build your company--figuring out what works for you, with you, every step of the way.

Push Marketing
Send notifications tailored by location, time, event or purchase history. Timely reminders of special offers, seasonal goodies or local perks will surprise your customers, in a way made possible with the knowledge that comes from a relationship, not a transaction.

We’ll work with you to cook up your secret sauce--loyalty! Even without Point-of-Sale integration, just pick a currency for your program--points, dollars, or surprise & delights. Reward your clients in ways that elevates your brand to web 2.0, whether tucked away in a cleverly gamified email or inserted in a socially appropriate moment. Let your customers know that loyalty is a two-way street.

Bring your customers into the loop! Make it easy for diners to answer your questions or inspire your next flavor. This can be created unobtrusively stand-alone or stealthily woven into other features you chose to turn on. Question by question, a 60% response rate will leave little unsaid.

Tweet, Pin, Like and Friend - speak the millennial language. Fuel engagement by creating a social presence through your app. Incarnate your message into games, picture galleries or communication networks. Whatever your vision, we know the code behind it.

Guest Recovery
Eliminate the cost of mailing gift cards to appease guests. Instead, use your app to send them a little something, immediately. By addressing guests in the same day, you get to them before they write back to you on social media. In addition, sending a digital gift through the app let's you know if and when that guest came back to your store again.